Solve problems and meet needs before they’ve been Voiced by the Customer.

A 360° view of your customer base–and not only about your customers, but your competitors, and relevant consumers in other markets of interest.

We’ll help you spot problems before they grow large, find unexpeted opportunities to outshine, and build the most detailed, up-to-date portrait yet of your customers.

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Defuse customer problems — before they blow up your switchboard.

Product feedback from customers "in the wild,” from day one of deployment.

CX and Support response times so short and accurate, they’ll call it “uncanny”.

Procure your company’s new secret weapon in the NPS/CSAT/CES wars.

Go past intuition to make Data Driven CX decisions


Interrupt and aggravate customers, contribute to Survey Fatigue.

Rely on anecdotes and stories alone for “Voice of the Customer.”

Hypothetical, dry descriptions and made-up personas.

Outdated customer opinions and perspectives.



Embrace true omnichannel Voice of Customer by listening where customers are talking.

CX is more rigorous, scienitific, and empirically driven.

Rich, fully searchable, indexed profiles, extended by biographical dossier.

See real-time reporting on true customer health, based on what they say.

It costs
to attract a new customer
than it does to retain an old one.
(So yes, customer retention is good for business)

We are building and learning from the world’s largest searchable database of customer feedback.

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Understand your customers’ key motivations and detractors without survey fatigue

What features do customers really care about, notwithstanding the results of your feedback vendor’s latest glitchy survey? What don’t they care about, that you can stop wasting time on?

Are they drifting slowly closer to your business, or further away? Or today is it more like stampeding?

Let Harmonize target your specific research questions, and understand what your company does that creates customer affinity, loyalty, and advocacy.

“Fundamentally, we work on the basis that you can ask the customers as many structured questions as you like, but they will tell you what’s most important in the verbatim comments. If you can’t effectively analyze those, then you are missing out on customer gold!”

Jonny Combe
Jonny Combe
BMW Innovation Chief

Meet your users where they are

Harmonize integrates with just about any data providers as well as your bring-your-own organizational data sources.

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