End the tyranny of whim and science by hunch.

Are your company’s data science goals informed by data—or more by whim and ‘hunches’?

Harmonize’s customer- and market-observing AI platform can help data science make better decisions, set smarter goals, and avoid research by intuition.

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Decision Making

The most useful customer feedback is unstructured.

Today's enterprise is swamped with data about markets and customers, but it’s mostly raw, unstructured – and un-actionable.

Harmonize finds melodies in the data cacophony. We leverage AI and machine learning to turn a big mess of data into big new insight.

Discover hidden melodies in even the noisiest data

We provide our clients with access to a vast untapped market resource: unstructured data.

As much as 85% of enterprise data these days is “unstructured” – free text, voice-recognition audio, SMS volleys – so hard to work with that less than 2% of it currently being tapped at all.

Until now. New AI and natural-language processing tools allow us to confidently derive meaning from this “other 85%” of market data – the informational equivalent of discovering another ocean.

Or as we like to think of it, finally hearing the ordered melody hidden beneath the noise.



of data analytics projects are now related to customer experience.

Gartner Group Customer Experience Summit press reelase, February 2018 (2020 forecast).

“Full Stack” Insight-to-Action

full stack img

Most analytics products focus on sheer quantity of information, or give you pre-digested, off-the-shelf data. Harmonize pulls data from fresh, in-the-wild, unstructured data sets; structures it in-house; and arranges/composes an accessible version 1.0 analysis – so your team can immediately jump into insights, with everyone reading from the same songbook.

Basing bets on insights from observed human behavior is far more effective that basing bets on badly designed surveys.

Erika Hall
Erika Hall
Co-founder, Mule Design & Author of Just Enough Research

Marketplace reviews; 1st party feedback; social media conversations. Exabytes of this customer “experiential exhaust data” is being created in the world every day.

Your competitors are probably leveraging it.

You might want to, too.

Meet your users where they are

Harmonize integrates with just about any data providers as well as your bring-your-own organizational data sources.

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