Listen, Analyze, and Act on the
Voice of the Citizen

Citizens are being trained by the private sector to expect better service from civic groups and elected officials. Harmonize for Governments closes this gap, empowering public agencies to capture, analyze, and act on feedback from diverse constituents.

Our AI can listen and analyze feedback from any channel of communication, and offers officials and their staff up-to-the-minute snapshots of any jurisdiction — so they can be sure they are acting based on the latest and most unfiltered Voice of the Citizen.

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Defuse citizen concerns — and tame switchboard overload

Understand what your citizens are asking for by empathetically listening to their needs

Leverage consumer-grade interaction patterns and frictionless listening posts

Dashboards that show you what people are concerned about at a glance

We are building and learning from the world’s largest searchable database of citizen feedback.

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“Fundamentally, we work on the basis that you can ask the customers as many structured questions as you like, but they will tell you what’s most important in the verbatim comments. If you can’t effectively analyze those, then you are missing out on customer gold!”

Jonny Combe
Jonny Combe
BMW Innovation Chief

Meet your users where they are

Harmonize integrates with just about any data providers as well as your bring-your-own organizational data sources.

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