True Voice of Customer is Omnichannel, Real time, and Actionable

Harmonize works with enterprises, market research agencies, and qualitatively empowered consultancies to bring insights from any unstructured text source.

We combine state of the art natural language processing, deep learning, and AI to develop unique insights about customer attitudes and preferences across entire categories.

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Marketing studies in a fraction of the time

Today's enterprise is swamped with data about markets and customers, but it’s mostly raw, unstructured – and un-actionable.

Harmonize finds melodies in the data cacophony. We leverage AI and machine learning to turn a big mess of data into big new insight.

Consumer Insight Research is changing faster than ever.


Getting data about customer behaviors

Drowning in customer data




Data freshness

Outdated within weeks

Near realtime insights

Research Method

Extensive Survey Programming

Targeted Listening to attitudinal data across both 1st party and 3rd party sources


Your customers

Your customers

Your prospective customers

Competitors’ customers

Harmonize gathers attitudes across both internal and external data sets.

first party

Big data, bigger story

Know what customers say about your offerings

Know what your competitor’s customers say about theirs

Branch out even further, gaining inspiration or benchmarking emerging opportunities or potential threats in adjacent markets or orthogonal industries


Democratize and unleash insights across every dimension of your enterprise

Harmonize is the custom dashboard, for a wide variety of stakeholders:

product managers,
market research, and
customer service leadership

...and whoever else inside the company needs to understand the customer better (so: “everyone”).

Marketplace reviews; 1st party feedback; social media conversations. Exabytes of this customer “experiential exhaust data” is being created in the world every day.

Your competitors are probably leveraging it.

You might want to, too.

Meet your users where they are

Harmonize integrates with just about any data providers as well as your bring-your-own organizational data sources.

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