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Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement

If you’ve spent much time with us — or even, say, read our blog — you may have noticed that measuring hard-to-measure things is, well, one of our Things. (Sometimes we might need fewer Things.) Customer Engagement is certainly one such thing. As a term, it started life as a verb meaning the customer outreach activities companies perform, but pretty quickly transitioned to a noun meaning a quality or attitude customers have which companies should maximize.

That’s because an engaged customer is almost by definition a more loyal one, and hence more lucrative. But it’s not only about breeding a bigger buyer – even more compellingly, engagement leads customers to be likelier brand ambassador, allied content creators, social media ombudsmans, and reliable sources of market and product insight. Engaged customers are the deep bench from which Most Valuable Customers are drawn – the 20% who yield 80%.

So how do you make more of them? Well… we know it has to do with making a personal connection between brand and customer, in the right place at the right time, and following up with a streak of similar gold-star experiences, until a virtuous pattern is established, with the customer happily helping the company help the customer help the company….. But customer engagement is still more art than science. It involves notoriously hard-to-measure factors like emotional connection, trust, respect, and personal identity, collected and analyzed at a massive scale.

Wait, did someone say "hard to measure"?
At Harmonize, we built a customer-experience-insights engine powerful enough to understand customers’ needs, concerns, and behaviors, that is also best-in-class at detecting and helping understand sentiment – that is, emotion– surrounding a company’s brands, touchpoints and offerings. We help you pinpoint with jiu jitsu accuracy where to focus your engagement efforts at an individual-customer level, while never losing the zoomed-out landscape view. You can easily pick out regions or topics where more engaged customers are needed, and have immediate access to real, personal stories of customers in that area – around your brand, competitors’ brands, and other related experiences.

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