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Customer Experience Managememt

Customer Experience Managememt

Customer Experience Management (CEM) is about taking an organized, measured approach to understanding how customers experience your brand, and improving that experience, thereby increasing satisfaction and loyalty. You take in unsolicited customer feedback, as well as the solicited kind (e.g. surveys), apply your favorite analytics, and use the data to make operational decisions. If you’re serious about customer experience management, you implement CEM in enterprise software, and aim to provide management with an up-to-date, unified view of "the customer."

Much CEM focuses on improving the Customer Journey through a series of touchpoints. A majority of consumers in most surveys "would pay more for a better experience". According to Forrester Research, the revenue impact from a 10% improvement in customer experience can translate to over $1 billion in cost savings. CEM is about giving customers a good experience not once or twice or by chance, but consistently, every time they interact with your brand.

Harmonize helps businesses keep an ear close to the ground at all times for rumbles of customer feedback. Our unique blend of structured and un(re)structured data feeds directly into the most up-to-date CEM analytics, and understands both the big picture and the smallest details, from the overall map of the customer journey, to individual (but iconic) customer comments on social media about their own personal experience at a given touchpoint.

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