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Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing

At Harmonize, Natural Language Processing (NLP) is our bread and butter. It’s the field of computer science that applies linguistics and statistics to unstructured, messy, human-language texts in order to extract meaning, in a way that is very similar to how the human brain understands language, but at massive digital scale and in machine-analyzable form.

Since about 95% of customer feedback is in the form of unstructured text – emails, write-in answers, Twitter posts, online reviews, comments in forums, etc. Assuming the average person can process, say, 50 items of unstructured data an hour, it would take nearly seven years for one person to read through one million items. A million sounds like a lot… but the typical Fortune 100 company processes nearly that many customer surveys per month from each line of business.


Natural Language Processing automates the reading of customer text. Not only fast, it is 100% objective and consistent, and programable, so it can be customized to whatever industry or company specific jargon or lingo your customers speak.

Harmomize’s proprietary NLP engine uses the latest algorithms but is designed to be easy to use, immediately graspable by your team regardless of training in statistics, computer science, linguistics, or any other technical skill.

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Understand exactly what your customers are saying about your products, services, and competitors through AI and natural language processing.

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