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Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Analysis is the measurement of customer opinion by quantifying their language as positive or negative. It uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to evaluate written or spoken text and determine if the expression is favorable, unfavorable or neutral, and to what degree – i.e. it yields a sentiment "score" for any given human utterance in any given context.

The latest tools for sentiment analysis can process thousands of pieces of customer feedback consistently and accurately. Paired with Text Analytics, sentiment analysis reveals customer opinion about every aspect of a business or brand – in aggregate, and also preserving and indexing the individual voice of each customer, giving both the broadest and most granular view.

This kind of analysis is essential to understanding what customers viscerally like and dislike about your offerings and your brand. It captures the epic tranches of often untapped, unsolicited feedback that exist in social media and third-party sites, as well as what comes in via your website, call center, or any other source. More than simply identifying key words and topics, as current tools do, sentiment analysis also tells you how customers are feeling about those topics.

You will know instantaneously if there has been a change in opinion toward any aspect of your business. Peaks or valleys in sentiment scores give clues to opportunities for product or service improvements, or the best approach for a new marketing campaigns.

Harmonize conducts sentiment analysis as part of its core offering, and provides a ready-to-use dashboard for continually reviewing customer sentiment about your business. This tool can then be customized to suit your industry, market and company, including the unique meanings of keywords or phrases.

Targeted Sentiment Analysis
Recent developments in the sub-field of Targeted (or Aspect-Based) Sentiment Analysis allow it to derive not only the overall sentiment of a customer statement, but the sentiment being expressed toward a specific topic within the statement – for example, it can determine that although a typical customer review of your product from the past month is overall positive, they all bear a markedly lower sentiment score with respect to one particular feature, or service, or pricing, etc.

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