Remember when the problem in product development was not enough customer data?

Companies today have plenty of data about their customers – mostly unstructured, “messy” data that’s seldom actionable. Harmonize finds the melody underneath the data cacophony. Leveraging the latest AI and machine learning technology to turn big messy data into a whole mess of new insights.

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Shorten time-to-market

Base product decisions on up-to-the-minute customer experience data.

See immedidately which new features are becoming important to customers.

Be first to market tomorrow with a winning solution.

Understanding Customers across their entire journey

Understanding how customers communicate about products, services, and experience across every step of their customer journey is vital to being customer centric

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“Fundamentally, we work on the basis that you can ask the customers as many structured questions as you like, but they will tell you what’s most important in the verbatim comments. If you can’t effectively analyze those, then you are missing out on customer gold!”

Jonny Combe
Jonny Combe
BMW Innovation Chief

Democratize and unleash insights across every dimension of your enterprise

Harmonize is the custom dashboard, for a wide variety of stakeholders:

product managers,
market research, and
customer service leadership

...and whoever else inside the company needs to understand the customer better (so: “everyone”).


Understand your customers’ key motivations and detractors without survey fatigue

What features do customers really care about, notwithstanding the results of your feedback vendor’s latest glitchy survey? What don’t they care about, that you can stop wasting time on?

Are they drifting slowly closer to your business, or further away? Or today is it more like stampeding?

Let Harmonize target your specific research questions, and understand what your company does that creates customer affinity, loyalty, and advocacy.

Meet your users where they are

Harmonize integrates with just about any data providers as well as your bring-your-own organizational data sources.

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