“Super simple way to connect over video. No downloads or long haveing into meeting links. this product is to our business.”
Steve McQuillen
Head of digital marketing Phonix

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what Drives us

While we have the chutzpah to believe that we can change the world, we assert that the patience and diligence that comes from putting in the time to hone and deliver a remarkable customer experience requires monklike dedication to craft.
The only difference between equally talented and gifted people is passion. Being passionate about solving human problems, one can punch way higher than their weight, move mountains, and compose beautiful work like the world has ever seen.
Let’s face it. The status quo is too, well, too quo, really. We believe that people who are curious about how the world can be different are the only ones daring enough to step out and craft something new.
If you're the type of person that can MacGuyver solutions together and find ways around challenging obstacles, you're going to love working with our team.