turn customers into
lifelong fans

Meet your customers where they are and capture real-time feedback in the conversations that matter. Hear every customer's voice, address every broken experience and increase customer spend.
Customer Experience
Before HarmonizeAi
Features included :
Unclear on what customers want
Feedback is spread out over many channels & tools
Manual custom analysis takes months
Limited to 1st party data only e.g. surveys
Complex, code heavy, slow and siloed
Limited analysis focused on the 'what'
Customer Experience
After HarmonizeAi
Features included :
Know exactly what customers want and why
Feedback is captured & available all in one place
A.I. powered analysis delivers insights in minutes
Analyze all data: 1st party, 3rd party & Operational
Self-Serve insights: Easy, clear, visual and quick
Actionable insights into the 'why' behind the 'what'
“Super simple way to connect over video. No downloads or long haveing into meeting links. this product is to our business.”
Steve McQuillen
Head of digital marketing Phonix

why CX teams love harmonizeAi

Empower your product team to identify patterns in structured and unstructured data using machine learning, AI, and natural language processing so they can make product and feature decisions that maximize engagement and revenue.
empathy at scale

ensure no customer pain goes unnoticed ever again

Develop hyper awareness of sentiment, feedback and behaviour from over 20+ channels and 100+ data sources, all feeding into one unified platform. Meet your customers where they are and know exactly what they are thinking and feeling.
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Predictive Churn prevention

Know exactly how to retain your customers

Go beyond NPS measurement and turn customer feedback into something you can act on. Listen to customers at every stage of their journey through omni-channel feedback that enables you to take the right action, at the right time, preventing churn.
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impact at scale

empower every team member to create impact

Make it easy for every member of your product team to close customer experience gaps. Uncover trends, patterns and key drivers of customer loyalty. Route these insights to your team to ensure everyone is focused on areas that will maximize impact.
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Helping teams deliver better experiences

Unleashing Your Potential: Around-The-Clock Support For Your Success
We prioritize proactive and responsive support, ensuring that our clients receive the help they need, no questions asked. We are committed to your success and strive to be a trusted partner every step of the way.
Deliver Exceptional Experiences and Drive Customer Retention
Analyzing comprehensive customer conversations, we help you uncover invaluable insights that enable you to create personalized and memorable experiences. Gain a deep understanding of their needs, preferences, and pain points, and proactively address their concerns to drive loyalty and advocacy.
Tailored Solutions, Integrations, and Actionable Insights
We prioritize customization and collaboration. We focus on specific third-party sources, offer tailored solutions and integrations, and deliver customized analysis reports. With us, customers receive personalized and actionable insights.

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Increase Retention & NPS
Use powerful A.I & ML capabilities to automatically surface friction points and close customer experience gaps.
Increase Product Usage
Put customers at the heart of your product development using post-launch
omni-channel customer feedback.
Increase Brand Affinity
Understand and take action on the feedback, voices and opinions of your consumer to increase brand loyalty.
Increase Ad Spend Impact
Improve the impact of marketing with real-time feedback on audience segments & cross-channel performance.
Decrease Time to Action
Automatically uncover previously hidden trends, patterns and growth drivers with no analysis downtime.
Decrease Data Silos
A unified, omni-channel customer feedback repository with all of your data, analyzed and full of insights.
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