Finer detail and a wider field of view

Harmonize provides a marketing resource that’s uniquely both broad and deep: a massively-scaled global dataset of individual customer voices, reported in real time from real life – with analytics and insights toolkit included.

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Incorporate Customer Insights directly into your Marketing

To market effectively, you need to understand your customers’ lives thoroughly: quantitatively and qualitatively, at mass scale and in micro-fine detail.

Harmonize’s AI-enabled platform lets you eat your cake and have it too: the strategic viewpoint of massive data-sets, and the intuitive insight of customer journeys (not personas: real-life customers.)

Hear all your customers’ voices loud and clear

Tack back and forth between market-scale data and the self-documentation of daily life – staying oriented on strategy while wading deep into design.

Harmonize moves you from aggregate data and generic `personas – to fully indexed datasets of real user stories, told in their own voices.

Harmonize gathers attitudes across both internal and external data sets.

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“Full Stack” Insight-to-Action

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Most analytics products focus on sheer quantity of information, or give you pre-digested, off-the-shelf data. Harmonize pulls data from fresh, in-the-wild, unstructured data sets; structures it in-house; and arranges/composes an accessible version 1.0 analysis – so your team can immediately jump into insights, with everyone reading from the same songbook.

Marketplace reviews; 1st party feedback; social media conversations. Exabytes of this customer “experiential exhaust data” is being created in the world every day.

Your competitors are probably leveraging it.

You might want to, too.

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